We are Starz Unlimited Learning Academy. We are a Christian Preschool for 3, 4, and 5 year olds.  We have a program that runs from September - May. All sessions are in the morning Monday-Friday for your children.  We have learning and gymnastic opportunities for a well rounded curriculum.  We are part of Kids Unlimited located in Soccer Zone facility behind the Jenison Meijers.  Kids Unlimited is a gymnastics facility which also includes numerous kids activities for kids such as dance, martial arts, yoga, camps, and special events.  

At Starz Unlimited, we believe children learn best when surrounded by love and engaged in opportunities that allow them to imagine and question and express who they are and how they see their experience. We believe this combination of love and learning is cultivated by creative, talented and informed professionals who are mindful of the world we live in and capable of utilizing the most exciting and proven educational practices.

 We recognize that love for God and one another with solid education forms essential building blocks of community, the cornerstone of which resides in open communication: articulating and listening. In essence, a Starz Unlimited education is one that strives to love each child as God does, cherished, special, and unique, while engaging them in a creative learning experience, which creates a school environment where every child thrives.